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"The most striking thing about the work of Derek is that he is primarily a photographer of light. People, objects, figures and landscapes seem like props for the light surrounding them, and his gallery features many stunning silhouette shots that illustrate this. City nights, sunsets and light reflecting on water are nothing new, but in the photographs of Derek Wong , everything that is ordinary about them is transcended, and they become pure art"


Derek is a self taught photographer in his 20s living near Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has been shooting regularly since 2004, while playing with and modifying cameras since the age of 8. His body of work is in constant transformation, ranging from nature, landscape, portraits, weddings to street. Derek finds the photograph within his life and pushes the shutter release. He believes that one should keep changing and challenging themselves to be diverse. Anything is possible in front of his camera. Derek interprets the world freely through his viewfinder, while maintaining crisp images and evolving subject matter. He considers himself to be an art photographer, but he does portrait and wedding sessions, on occasion.

Derek develops multiple format black and white silver gelatin film, mainly 135 and 120 in his at-home darkroom. He prints up to 8x10in normally, and up to 16 x 20in in special instances. All color negatives are scanned into digital format at 4800DPI and printed through a traditional printing house. His digital photos are 10.2MP, SRGB, at 300dpi excepting panoramas which are generally 27000px wide at 300dpi. Derek repairs his own camera equipment, and occasionally others. He also likes to exploit and experiment with his equipment and cameras ranging in styles and models that span an entire century.

Lastly, Derek believes in maintaining artistic integrity in each of his works. His images are a balanced mixture of education, emotion and composition. He is constantly working to improve his knowledge of photography and his knowledge of himself.

"Straight, No Chaser..."


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  • [Television] [WZZM13 News - weather photos section] [Fire Rainbow] [April 2008]

  • [Gallery] [Opening Reception of The Darkroom at Division 9 Gallery] [Miss Lisa's] [March 2013]

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